WATCH:‘So much fear Modi. Why? You did something wrong?’: Activist captures farmers’ triumphant march to Delhi

Activist Anand Mangnale described how the farmers managed to break through multiple obstacles created by Haryana Police and then Delhi Police in a Twitter thread that is being widely shared

WATCH:‘So much fear Modi. Why? You did something wrong?’: Activist captures farmers’ triumphant march to Delhi

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Late last night, a large group of farmers in Haryana heading to Delhi through Sonepat faced a huge police barricade, where the road was blocked with large containers and trenches were dug up to prevent them crossing with their tractors.

The farmers raised slogans and pressed into the barricades but there were many obstructions.

In course of the night, they removed all the blocks.

Activist Anand Mangnale described how they did it, in a Twitter thread that is being widely shared.

We bring you a selection of his tweets, sorted chronologically:

The @DelhiPolice at #Delhi-Haryana border with heavy deployment, barricades & trucks full of sand. They are checking cars & vehicles to see if is carrying #farmers to Delhi. So much fear @narendramodi? Why? You did something wrong?

A few farmers are here & huge force. Welcome to @narendramodi's new India. This level of barricading I haven't seen in Kargil or laddakh. Modi must be really scared.

The police just used water cannon at this place on farmers. It's 1130 cold & breezy. Well done @mlkhattar proud moment for you.

The #Farmers have broken through the #Sonipat barricade. They pushed away the containers, filled the holes, removed cement structures & created a road despite police using water cannon. @mlkhattar is done now it's @narendramodi at the Delhi Haryana Kundli border.

& What's ingenious & amazing about it is the Farmers tricked the police to use water cannons a few times in the morning & used that water & mud below these structures, containers to slide them away.

#DilliChalo #FarmersDilliChalo #FarmersProtest towards Haryana-Delhi border on NH1.

This is how the massive cement barricades are supposed to be removed. #Protest101 #Movement101 The tractors which are used to farming, will be used for civil #Resistance. #FarmersProtest #DilliChalo. Another barricading before Haryana-Delhi border - CLEARED!

This is @DelhiPolice for you. This force is against #Farmers. Don't forget this.

More barbed wire. Why? Because the STATE feels THREATENED by the very people who feeds them. The #Farmers. Brave Nationalist Government of @narendramodi can't face its own farmers to even talk.

A small scuffle broke off between a few protestors & police. Police used Tear gas shells. Protestors ran away with barricades. The farmers dispersed, just to come back a minute later.

1st barricade Haryana-Delhi Singhu border, after #Farmers decided to break it down.

The #Farmers have broken the first barricading after a 20 min long fight with the police. They braved the tear gas, water cannons & laathis. Now they are standing face to face to the police at the 2nd barricade.

The police has given #Farmers permission to enter Delhi "Border" & will escort till 'Nirankari Bhawan' near buradi. The farmers have declined the offer. If not parliament, then will sit here on NH1.

The farmers are barricading the highway again themselves, as they don't want to stop at Nirankari bhawan, but go to parliament

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Published: 27 Nov 2020, 8:18 PM