Interview with Wamiqa Gabbi: Youngsters should devote less time to social media as it is a fake world

Wamiqa Gabbi drew attention with her intense role in web show 'Grahan. She is a versatile actress who has worked in Hindi, Punjabi, and Telugu films. In Modern Love too she has been appreciated a lot

Interview with Wamiqa Gabbi: Youngsters should devote less time to social media as it is a fake world

Kumar Raviraj Sinha

1. How was your experience working in Modern Love?

It was amazing! I think it’s every actor's dream to work with Vishal Bharadwaj and I got to work with him twice.

2. You have two projects with him, right?

Yes , I am really happy about that and the magic he creates on screen, I got to be part of it. So I was very happy and excited and also I have such a good experience working in that show because our DOP was Sandook Hussain who shot Onkara which is one of my favorite films and he was there and the actors like Yeo Yann Yann, Meiyang Chang was there so I am really happy.

3. According to you what is love for this generation?

Love should be love for every generation...

4. I mean the love people had in our grandfather’s time was quite different, a lot of things have changed?

No, the love is love only. I mean the technology has changed. The feeling of love is the same, the peace we get by being with our loved ones is the same as we had before. So, I feel that love does not change but yes I think that people have made things complicated. So, that is another thing but love is the same across different eras, which is the most beautiful thing in the world.

5. Still, how will you explain it?

I think freedom should always be there in a relationship to do anything you want in life. You should not feel that your partner might not approve of it. So I believe that as partners we should be supportive of everything that the person does in his/her life and wants to be in their life and of their choices, of their sadness. So the acceptance is very important in a relationship and that is one of the most important things. If I cannot be myself in a love relationship then I think that relationship should not exist. There should only be love because there are many people with whom you can have fights.

6. It is said that love changes with time- what is your take on this?

No. Then it does not remain love. Then it changes to something else.

7. What are your thoughts about possessive partner?

I think that being possessive is not right because you are restricting someone to be themselves. That shows greed and also there is one thing which people like that is having authority over the other person. It is there in possessive people and that is not love. Then they are playing some other game.

8. In modern love you are playing the role of a Gujrati girl. Was it difficult for you to play a Gujarati character and mouthing Gujarati lines for the first time on screen?

I am so glad that I was able to do that in a satisfactory manner and I was very sceptical of successfully adding that Gujaratiness to my character but I managed to do it and thanks to Vishal Bhardwaj and the whole team who who helped me to play this character. People have always noticed me as a Punjabi actor although I have worked in South Indian films also. So I was very happy that Vishal sir was giving me a Gujarati Character, I was already shooting with him in Khufiya. I liked the character of Megha as her family is very much similar to mine and it is also very open minded as my parents have never thought that I needed their permission for any thing. They just let me be myself and that was the same for Megha as she was also open minded and a calm girl. So I loved this connection between me and Megha.

9. As we know that there are many places where girls do not have freedom to do what they like to be what they want to be. Do you think Modern Love will help in changing the perspective of people?

Actually the change should happen that is why we artists are doing this work so that people can get influenced in a positive way. That is why we criticize the films which represents negative elements and may have negative effects on our society because someone can be influenced by those films in a negative way. It is not a new thing. women are a suppressed gender all over the world. I feel very lucky that I am born and brought up in India and India is not a very regressive country when it comes to women. I am not saying that India is perfect for women but yes it is far better than many countries. So I think that as an artist we try our best to deliver that message to people through different stories, may be it can help someone because films really helped me in my life.

10. So what advice will you give the youngsters for love?

I think that it is the age of Internet and social media and youngsters are too much involved in that so I think they should reduce the part of social media into their lives as it is a fake world and people get trapped in that. Youngsters can get stability in their mind by being away from that and life can be better.

11. Do you think that phone is the main reason behind this generation being spoilt?

I think that people are too much busy on their phones. So how will they get time for love. Even if you see in Public most of the people are busy on their phones which has many impact on our lives. That is why I think that we should manage it.

12. How do you see the series in English? Do you think the Hindi remake captures that spirit, or goes beyond?

Well it is Modern love Mumbai, India and it is going to be very different from the American version and I think that we have told the right stories that is why we are getting so much love from the audience otherwise the audience would not have appreciated it and on OTT only the content works. We are glad that the people are liking it and I am glad that I am a part of such a beautiful team. Also there are many cultural differences if we compare it with American version and we have told very nice and diverse stories and we had great directors who directed this series.

13. Saw the teaser of 'Jubilee', you seems to have a very vintage look in the project what is it all about and when is it releasing?

Thank you, I do have a vintage look in that because it is about the 1940s cinema and it is directed by Vikramaditya and I got a chance to work with him and it was great and I do not have any idea about its release and it is an Amazon show.

14. What are your upcoming projects ?

Jubilee, which is going to come on Amazon and Khufiya by Vishal sir.

15. Tell us something about 'Khufiya'?

Khufiya is a thriller directed by Vishal Bharadwaj, and it has Tabu, Ali Fazal and myself and It was really very pleasant shooting for this and I cannot wait for the people to see it.

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