'9 saal, 9 sawal': As Modi govt completes 9 years in power, Congress fires a salvo of 9 questions

The Congress will address press conferences in 35 cities to highlight the failures of the BJP government in nine years

Congress released a booklet titled '9 saal 9 sawaal’ (photo: IANS)
Congress released a booklet titled '9 saal 9 sawaal’ (photo: IANS)

NH Political Bureau

Four days before the Modi government is set to complete nine years in power, the main opposition party, the Congress, launched a scathing attack on PM Modi, asking nine questions on various subjects including the economy, corruption and the China border row. 

Releasing a booklet titled 9 saal 9 sawaal, the head of the Congress's communication department, Jairam Ramesh said, “We want the PM to break his silence.”

"We all know that people are hurt by inflation, wrong implementation of GST, and the first and second demonetisation. So, we want to ask the Prime Minister why is it that inflation and unemployment is rising and why the rich are growing richer and poor are becoming more poor and why the PSUs are being sold," asked Ramesh. 

Attacking the Modi government over corruption and cronyism, the Congress leader asked, "Why are you putting people's hard-earned savings in LIC and SBI at risk to benefit your friend Adani? Why are you letting thieves escape? Why are you silent on rampant corruption in BJP-ruled states, and why are you letting Indians suffer?"

Highlighting the issues of farmers and agriculture, Ramesh said, "Why is it so that in the last nine years, the income of farmers has not doubled and even while withdrawing the three farm laws, the promise of implementing MSP has not been fulfilled which were made to protesting farmers and its unions."

The Congress leader also targeted the government over the border row with China and national security and said, "Why is it that even after your clean chit to China in 2020, they continue to occupy Indian territory? 18 meetings have been held with China, yet why do they refuse to yield Indian territory and instead continue with their aggressive tactics?"

Ramesh said that the Prime Minister giving a clean chit to China in June 2020 has damaged India's position.

On social justice, Ramesh asked, “Why is it that your oppressive government is methodically destroying the foundations of social justice? Why are you silent on the atrocities against women, Dalits, SC, ST, OBCs and minorities? Why are you ignoring the demand for a caste census, despite demands from Congress and several other opposition parties”.

On democracy and federalism, Ramesh said, "Why has it weakened the Constitutional values and democratic institutions in the last nine years?"

"Why are you practicing the politics of revenge against Opposition parties and leaders? And why are you using blatant money power to destabilase governments elected by the people?" he asked.

Ramesh said that all institutions have been devalued, all investigation agencies have been misused, and there is a consistent effort to confront the judiciary.

Ramesh also said that the party will address press conferences in 35 cities to highlight the failures of the BJP government in nine years.

Meanwhile, the Congress leader Pawan Khera said that Prime Minister Modi should apologise to the people. Whatever promises they made were fictional and there was no connection to reality in the lives of people.

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