Congress demands discussion on losing 26 patrolling points at LAC in the budget session

The Congress alleged that shocking facts about the rank apathy by the Modi government to China's illegal occupation of India's territory were revealed

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Congress on Friday demanded discussion in the Parliament during the budget session on losing 26 patrolling points at the LAC in Ladakh and alleged that after 17 rounds of talks, the restoration of the status quo was not done.

Citing the three-day Annual DGP-IGP Conference in which a detailed Security Research Paper was submitted for discussion, the Congress alleged that it revealed shocking facts about the rank apathy by the Modi government to China's illegal occupation of India's territory in the region.

“Presently, there are 65 PPs starting from Karakoram pass to Chumur which are to be patrolled regularly by the ISFs (Indian Security Forces). Out of 65 PPs, our presence is lost in 26 PPs (i.e. PP no. 5-17, 24-32, 37, 51,52,62) due to restrictive or no patrolling by the ISFs. Later on, China, forces us to accept the fact that, as, such areas have not seen the presence of ISFs or civilians since long, the Chinese were present in these areas. This leads to a shift in the border under control of ISFs towards Indian side and a buffer zone is created in all such pockets which ultimately leads to loss of control over these areas by India. This tactic of PLA to grab land inch-by-inch is known as Salami Slicing,” stated the report.

These points were routinely patrolled before April-May 2020, which is when China started increasing troops close to the LAC in eastern Ladakh. Twenty Indian soldiers were killed in violent clashes with the PLA on June 15, 2020; at least four Chinese soldiers were also killed. 

The report was filed at the annual conference of the country's top police officers in Delhi, which was attended by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Union Home Minister Amit Shah and National Security Advisor Ajit Doval.

This report was among the 15 research papers submitted by police officers across the country on the subject ‘Security Issues Pertaining to Unfenced Land Border’.

Addressing a press conference, Media Chairman of the party Pawan Khera said, "India lost access to 26 out of 65 Patrolling Points (PP), which was not the case before May 2020, and the subsequent Galwan clash where 20 bravehearts sacrificed their lives."

He said PLA has taken advantage of the buffer areas in this de-escalation talks by placing their best cameras on the highest peaks and is monitoring the movements of Indian forces. This peculiar situation can be seen at Black top, Helmet top mountains in Chushul, at Demchok, at Kakjung, at Gogra Hills in Hot Springs and at Depsang Plains near Chip Chip river.

Khera said as per the paper "Till September 2021, senior officers of district administration and security forces would easily patrol till Karakoram Pass (35 km from Daulat Beg Oldie) in the DBO sector, however, restrictions in the form of check posts were placed by the Indian Army since December 2021 at DBO itself to stop any such movement towards Karakoram Pass as PLA had installed cameras and they would immediately raise objections on the movement from Indian side if not informed beforehand by."

The unfenced borders have been serving as pastures for the nomadic community of Changthang region (Rebos) and given the scarcity of the rich pastures, they would traditionally venture into the areas close to the PPs.

He alleged that the paper said: "Since 2014, enhanced restrictions on the grazing movement and areas have been imposed on the Rebos by ISFs and this has caused some resentment against them. The soldiers are especially deployed in disguise to stop the movement of Rebos to the higher reaches that could be objected by the PLA and similarly the development works in the border villages like Demchok, Koyul which are under direct electronic surveillance of the PLA suffer, as they raise objections promptly."

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