Milind Soman to host ‘Transformation Series 2020’  

Milind Soman will host E-talk titled “Transformation Series 2020” focusing on topics around physical fitness, immunity, mental wellness, relationships, nutrition and lifestyle

 Milind Soman (Photo Courtesy: IANS)
Milind Soman (Photo Courtesy: IANS)


Celebrity fitness advocate Milind Soman has turned host for the upcoming E-talk titled "Transformation Series 2020" -- an interactive platform for real-time conversations between speakers from all over the world and participants focusing on topics around physical fitness, immunity, mental wellness, relationships, nutrition and lifestyle.

The four-part E-talk series will be spread across three months with fortnightly sessions. Each session will witness off-the-beaten track speakers sharing unconventional life-hacks on how one can adapt to new situations in a practical manner.

"I'm very excited to be hosting this webinar Transformation Series 2020' which is going to be across the next two months with the first session on the 30th of June. And this is an issue initiative, which is collaborated between Idence BDS and my company Speaking Minds, which is a talent management company for motivational speakers from across the world," Soman tells IANSlife.

The series aims to educate, inform and empower people by addressing the questions and doubts on adapting and navigating into the post COVID era.

"What we are going to be talking about here is how to understand very basic things when it comes to physical fitness, when it comes to mental health, but of course, we're not talking about disease but we're talking about concentration, focus and the ability to prioritize and make the right choices," he informs. "Then we also talk about nutrition, we talk about lifestyle. And of course we talked about how we're going to adapt to what is being called 'The New Normal'."

The sessions will have acclaimed global panelists like Lisa Tamati from New Zealand, an internationally renowned ultra-endurance athlete with 25 years of experience running the toughest endurance events in the world, Rashesh Shah, Chairman and CEO - Edelweiss Group and Shyamal Vallabhjee, Sports Scientist, Psychologist and Performance Coach to name a few.

"The exciting thing I think is of course, there are speakers from across the world, very, very highly accomplished individuals who have faced really big challenges in their lives and they have really come through very, very strongly. We're going to explore their experiences, their lifestyle choices and see how making those same lifestyle choices or learning from them is going to help us to create our own adaptation," says Soman.

When it comes to health and fitness for Soman at home during the lockdown, he says: "It has been a little tough because I don't get to run which is what I love to do, but I'm doing a lot of bodyweight exercises like push-ups and pull-ups and so on. When it comes to food, of course, it hasn't been tough at all because I really like to eat very simple meals such as dal, rice and vegetables and that's it.”

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