Stomping grounds: Rogue elephant takes over at Idukki; another tramples man to death in Assam

A shed belonging to one Rajan at Chinnakanal was razed down by an angry herd of elephants led by Chakakomban

Side view of elephant walking on field (Getty Images)
Side view of elephant walking on field (Getty Images)


Euphoria around the relocation of Arikomban - one of Kerala's wildest rogue elephant - on Saturday, seems short-lived as another of the species has appeared from the jungle sending shockwaves among the locals in Idukki district's Chinnakanal area.

Arikomban was christened so as he had a liking for rice (in Malayalam ari means rice and komban means tusker). His target was mostly rice shops and homes where rice was stored.

In the wee hours of Monday it was the turn of another wild tusker named Chakakomban (chaka means jackfruit).

A shed belonging to one Rajan at Chinnakanal was razed down by an angry herd of elephants led by Chakakomban.

According to a local, for the past two months Rajan was unwell and was at another place and hence was saved, but his dwelling has been completely knocked down by Chakakomban.

This sudden attack has sent shockwaves to the locals, who for the past five years were living in a state of fear due to the exploits of Arikomban.

"We felt that the bad times were behind us, but with what happened early in the morning, things appear bleak," said a local.

Incidentally on Friday, when the first attempt to capture Arikomban failed, Chakakomban was reported to be watching all the events of the officials and four kumki elephants from a distance.

But on Saturday, when Arikomban was finally tranquilised and transported to about 21 kms to a deep forest area, Chakakomban was missing, but resurfaced late Sunday night.

Human-elephant conflicts are continuing in Assam with wild tuskers creating havoc in two separate incidents in the state that caused the death of a person, officials said on Monday.

In Tamulpur district's Guabari area, a man was trampled to death after being attacked by an elephant near his residence, according to locals. The deceased has been identified as Rajen Pradhan.

A senior police officer of the district said that soon after the locals discovered him being injured in the tusker attack, Pradhan was rushed to a nearby hospital. However, he was declared dead by the doctors.

The body has been handed over to the family after an autopsy.

In a separate incident, two wild elephants entered the residential neighbourhood of Lanka in Nagaon district after emerging from the forest area in quest of food, causing mayhem in the neighbourhood.

Residential buildings were demolished by the wild elephants.

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