10 BJP MLAs suspended for paper-throwing incident in Karnataka assembly

The BJP MLAs flung torn bills at the deputy speaker, Rudrappa Lamani, as a protest to his decision to continue proceedings without a lunch break

Karnataka Assembly (Photo Courtesy: Webcast-Government Video Portal)
Karnataka Assembly (Photo Courtesy: Webcast-Government Video Portal)

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U T Khader, the Karnataka legislative assembly speaker, suspended 10 Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leaders, on Wednesday, July 19, from attending the monsoon session after various members of the BJP expressed their dissatisfaction by throwing papers on the chair. The point of contention occurred due to the speaker's decision to continue the house proceedings without a lunch break, News 18 reported.

The BJP members are barred from entering the assembly till Friday, July 19, include CN Ashwath Narayan, R Ashok, Yashpal Suvarna, Dheeraj Muniraj, Sunil Kumar, Vedavyas Kamath, Aravind Bellad, Araga Janendra, Umanath Kotian, and Bharath Shetty, according to Deccan Herald

In the assembly session, the BJP MLAs had thrown torn bills at the deputy speaker, Rudrappa Lamani, which further led to their suspension.  This was amid the BJP's protest against the Congress government for allegedly "misusing" IAS officers for opposition leaders' meetings in the past two days.

BJP members gave vent to their anger as Deputy Speaker Rudrappa Lamani was conducting the proceedings after Speaker U T Khader left, stating that the House would not break for lunch and the discussion on the Budget and demands would continue. He said that those members who wanted to go for lunch could do so and return to the discussions.

This happened even as opposition BJP and JD(S)members were protesting from the well of the House, accusing the Congress government of deputing 30 IAS officers to "serve" its alliance leaders, who had met in the city on Monday and Tuesday in the city to strategise for the 2024 Lok Sabha election.

Upset by the Speaker's decision to conduct the proceedings amid the protest and not break for lunch, the BJP members went into a huddle for a brief period and then, all of a sudden, threw papers at the Chair and the Deputy Speaker, stating that the House cannot be run like this.

Under which rule had the lunch been cancelled, they demanded to know.

The BJP members also repeatedly raised the issue of Speaker Khader attending the dinner hosted for opposition leaders by Chief Minister Siddaramaiah here on Monday, July 17.

As several members repeatedly threw papers at the Deputy Speaker, objecting to the way in which the House was being conducted, Assembly Marshals surrounded the Chair and tried to protect Lamani.

The Congress MLAs objected to the "unruly" behaviour of BJP MLAs, resulting in chaos. The Deputy Speaker then adjourned the house for the later part of the day.

Earlier in the day, the Assembly passed five bills without any discussion, even as protests by the BJP and JD(S) members from the well of the House continued.

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