Fight to protect our Constitution and democracy begins today: Kharge

He highlighted initiatives like Yuva Nyay for employment, Naari Nyay for women's financial independence, Kisan Nyay for MSP guarantees, and Shramik Nyay for workers' rights

Kharge called for voters to safeguard democracy and cast their votes (photo: PTI)
Kharge called for voters to safeguard democracy and cast their votes (photo: PTI)


As the first phase of the Lok Sabha polls began on Friday, 19 April Congress president Mallikarjun Kharge urged voters to cast their ballots carefully and asserted that a new era of economic empowerment and equal opportunities beckons them.

"The fight to protect our Constitution and democracy begins today," he said in a post on X.

"My dear citizens, from 21 States and UTs who are voting in the First Phase of the Lok Sabha elections, I request you to carefully cast your vote. A future where NYAY (justice) awaits you. A new era of Economic Empowerment and Equal Opportunities beckons you," the Congress chief said.

"I am sure you will vote for the 'jobs revolution' through YUVA NYAY, rather than a continuation of the past 10 years of record unemployment," Kharge said.

He exuded confidence that people would vote for the guarantees of 'NAARI NYAY' which takes concrete measures for the financial independence of women and against the continuation of the backbreaking price rise that has reduced their household savings to a 50-year low.

"I am sure our farmers will vote for KISAAN NYAY, for a legal guarantee of MSP, rather than getting duped by Jumlas of doubling farm income. I am sure the crores of hard-working hands that build this nation, will vote for the agenda of SHRAMIK NYAY, rather than a continuation of an era that has reduced their wages and left them to walk kilometers on highways during the pandemic," Kharge said in his post.

"I am sure our people belonging to the Dalit, Adivasi, OBC, EWS and Minority communities shall choose HISSEDARI NYAY over an era where they were discriminated through divisive politics and ever-increasing violence against them," he said.

"When you push that button on the EVM, pause and reflect for a second –” Do you want our Institutions to be subverted through dictatorship, or do you want to protect Democracy," Kharge said.

He said voters would decide India's destiny. Kharge also extended a warm welcome to all first-time voters.

He urged people to go out and vote in large numbers.

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Published: 19 Apr 2024, 9:40 AM