Heart attack concerns lead to EMRI-108 ambulances at garba hotspots

Garba event organisers are urged to undergo CPR training, as immediate CPR can boost survival rates by up to 90 per cent

Representative image. (Photo: IANS)
Representative image. (Photo: IANS)


Amid surge in cardiac incidents among youth, especially during the garba festivities, EMRI-108 will now place its ambulances around prominent garba venues in the city and other key areas of the state.

The district, home to 115 of these life-saving vehicles, has a primary focus of 100 ambulances dedicated to urban parts of Ahmedabad, while 15 cater to more rural areas, including Bavla and Godhavi in Ahmedabad.

This year's approach by EMRI-108 sees a marked shift in strategy.

Instead of the traditional stationary placements, the organisation is now intent on situating their ambulances within a 200-500 meter radius of the dancing events. This repositioning is in response to the disturbing uptick in heart-related incidents, shared an official today.

They're urging the garba event organisers to undergo Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) training.

This would enable them to step in as "first responders" pending the ambulance's arrival, potentially making a lifesaving difference. Officials highlight that the chances of saving a life soar when immediate CPR is administered, potentially improving survival rates by a staggering 90 per cent.

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