Happiness and joy through fitness

Besides a great body, fitness and working out has amazing benefits and paybacks. It keeps your body conditioned, your mind disciplines and your heart happy

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Besides a great body, fitness and working out has amazing benefits and paybacks. It keeps your body conditioned, your mind disciplines and your heart happy. Don't take out word for it, Pranit Shilimkar Health and Fitness Entrepreneur, Digital content creator and Founder of Fitnesstalks speaks about why fitness is the need of the hour.

Tell us about your journey into fitness? What was the toughest part of your weight loss journey?

Pranit: My fitness journey began during my college days. I was always a chubby kid with more than a few extra pounds, and that led to insecurities and low self-esteem. It was drastically impacting my mental health. When I first started working out I was surprised with the way my body and mind reciprocated. I soon started to develop a passion for looking and feeling good and that was the first major catalyst for my fitness journey. The toughest part has always been the injuries and dealing with them and the time I cannot work out.

How was Fitnesstalks India formed?

Pranit: Ever since I started working on myself, I realized I had a passion for teaching. I wanted people to experience the same happiness and joy which I experienced from being fit. Fitnesstalks was formed with a basic idea of positively affecting people's health and lifestyle so they lead a happier, fitter life.

Tell us about your 37 days challenge? How are you combining Mental and Physical Health in the challenge?

Pranit: The #37dayschallenge is a fitness challenge that attempts to get the best out of you through a rigorous fitness regime over 37 days. You're provided with a nutritionist and a personal trainer who aid you throughout these 37 days. The aim is not just fat loss, but an improvement in the quality of life through better health. This is why we have also started providing our clients with psychologists in order to understand their mental health conditions and what help they require from us in order to deal with stress and other issues.

What is your vision with Fitnesstalks India?

Pranit: I want to make fitness accessible and engaging for the entire world. It's my way of leaving a positive impact on the planet, by making people aware of their health and its potential.

What do you do on days when you don't feel like working out?

Pranit: It usually doesn't happen that I don't feel like working out, because not only am I a fitness influencer, but also a fitness entrepreneur. I need to be in a good shape not just for my profession but also for my own mental health. I'm also really passionate about working out, so it's something I actively seek throughout my day. On the days when I'm recovering or taking a break, I usually take some time off for my family and travel or meet friends I cannot usually see due to my congested schedule.

Advice for people who are just starting their fitness journey?

Pranit: Show up every day i.e be consistent. Start with tiny steps, focus more on being disciplined as opposed to following rigorous diet or workout trends. Also, focus on changing your lifestyle - it has a long-term positive effect on your life. The rest are basics that you shouldn't ignore - daily physical activity, mindful eating, rest and recovery, and hydration.

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