Congress Party's bank accounts frozen amidst Rs 210 cr IT recovery demand

Congress Party accounts have not been frozen, our country's democracy has been frozen, party leader and treasurer Ajay Maken disclosed

Congress claims this move disrupts election preparations and calls it an 'assault on democracy', urging the judiciary to intervene. (screen grab from: @INCIndia/X)
Congress claims this move disrupts election preparations and calls it an 'assault on democracy', urging the judiciary to intervene. (screen grab from: @INCIndia/X)

NH Political Bureau

A day after Supreme Court struck down electoral bonds, calling them “unconstitutional” Congress alleged that party's bank accounts have been frozen.

Moreover, the principal Opposition party alleged that the Income Tax Department has sought a recovery of Rs 210 crore from the party.

Addressing a press conference in Delhi, Congress treasurer Ajay Makan said, “We got information yesterday that banks are not honouring the cheque we are issuing."

Maken said the reason given is that there was a delay in filing the returns for the 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

"On further investigation, we got to know that the Youth Congress bank accounts have been frozen. The accounts of the Congress party have also been seized. Income tax asked for Rs 210 crore recovery from Youth Congress and Congress party. The crowdfunding money in our accounts has been frozen. Just 2 weeks before elections when the opposition's accounts are frozen, it is equivalent to freezing the democracy," he added.

Congress alleged that the move is aimed at disrupting the party's election preparations.

While the Congress party has one functioning bank account where people can still deposit money, the frozen accounts prevent them from accessing the funds, said Maken.

The action is "equivalent to freezing the democracy" said Maken.  

Calling the development "a deep assault on India's Democracy" Congress president Mallikarjun Kharge said, "The UNCONSTITUTIONAL money collected by the BJP would be utilised by them for elections, but the money collected by us through CROWDFUNDING shall be sealed! That is why, I have said that there won't be any elections in the future."

"We appeal to the Judiciary to save the multi-party system in this country and protect India's Democracy. We will take to the streets and fight strongly against this autocracy !" wrote on X.

Chairman - Professionals’ Congress and Data Analytics, Praveen Chakravarty said "Crony corporates funded BJP through bonds" but the account of the largest opposition party has been frozen which received donations from commom people.

"15th Feb: Supreme Court freezes Modi govt’s dubious electoral bond scheme. 16th Feb: Modi govt freezes Congress party’s bank accounts! Handful few crony corporates funded BJP through bonds.4 lakh individuals donated to Congress through banks. And whose accounts are frozen?" Chakravarty wrote on X.

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