Nyay Yatra ideological, value-based, while RSS–BJP making 22 Jan Ayodhya event all about NaMo: Rahul Gandhi

On Day 3, the Congress leader highlighted Nagaland civic groups' concerns about the non-implementation of the Indo–Naga pact by the Modi regime

Rahul Gandhi greeting people during the Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra (photo: @INCIndia/X)
Rahul Gandhi greeting people during the Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra (photo: @INCIndia/X)

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On the third day of his Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra, Rahul Gandhi has intensified his critique of the ruling BJP and Prime Minister Modi.

During a press conference in Kohima, Nagaland, Rahul Gandhi stated, "The purpose of this yatra is to champion social, economic, and political justice."

"Last year, our Bharat Jodo Yatra from Kanyakumari to Kashmir proved highly impactful and successful. It united the people of India, altering the political narrative and offering an alternative to the divisive BJP narrative. This time, we've selected Manipur due to the tragic events, loss of life, and violence. It's disheartening that the Prime Minister hasn't visited the state, which is regrettable and shameful," added Rahul Gandhi.

"For the first time, an Indian state has been experiencing violence for months, yet the Prime Minister hasn't visited," Rahul emphasized.

Regarding the 22 January event of pran pratishtha in Ayodhya, Rahul explained Congress' stance, saying, "RSS and BJP have turned the January 22 function into a political Narendra Modi event."

"The programme of 22 January has become a political programme. The leaders/authorities of Hindu religion have said that they will not be able to attend this political program. RSS-BJP have given an election flavor to the program of 22 January, hence the Congress President had refused to go there. As far as religion is concerned, we are with all religions. We want to say that whoever wants to leave the Congress party can leave,” he added.

Discussing seat-sharing talks among INDIA bloc partners, Rahul, in reply to a question said, "All is well within the INDIA bloc. Seat-sharing concerns have been addressed smoothly. We can resolve every issue together. The INDIA bloc is effectively challenging the BJP and is poised to win the 2024 LS polls."

On the Indo-Naga political pact, Rahul said, “I have been speaking to quite a few Naga leaders and they are perplexed as to why no progress has been made. We are not even clear about what the Prime Minister envisioned in terms of a solution. It's a superficial document. It's not clear what exactly they mean."

"There is a problem that needs resolution and that is a problem that will require conversation, listening to each other and working on implementing a solution. That is lacking as far as the PM is concerned...I do make the sense that PM promises things without thinking them through...I get this sense that people are disturbed that the Prime Minister's credibility is on the line and nothing has happened for 9 years..." he added.

Rahul expressed gratitude to the people of Manipur as his Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra crossed the state and entered Nagaland on Monday evening. The Congress MP engaged with locals in Kohima this morning.

The Bharat Jodo Nyay march will traverse 100 Lok Sabha constituencies in 15 states, covering 6,713 km, primarily by bus but also on foot. It will conclude in Mumbai on 20 or 21 March.

Rahul is embarking on a 66-day yatra, spanning 15 days from east to west, starting from Manipur and concluding in Maharashtra. The Nyay Yatra is scheduled to culminate in Mumbai in the third week of March, strategically timed just before the commencement of the Lok Sabha elections.

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