BJP rattled by INDIA’s unity, opposition are living martyrs: Congress MP

Congress MP and spokesperson Manish Tewari said that INDIA parties have decided to put forward a no-confidence motion against the Centre regarding violence in Manipur

Congress MP Manish Tewari (Photo: IANS)
Congress MP Manish Tewari (Photo: IANS)


Congress on Tuesday said that the government was rattled by the Opposition unity under ‘INDIA’ as its members are ‘marjivdas’ (living martyrs) and it was the reason why BJP is showing signs of frustration.

Congress said that northeast is an integral part of India and any unrest there will have implications on the national security of the country.

Addressing a press conference at the party headquarters here, Congress Lok Sabha MP and party spokesperson Manish Tewari said: “Northeast is one of the most integral part of India and if something happens over there then it will have far reaching consequences on the country and have direct implications on national security.”

Hitting out at the government over the Manipur violence that has been going on since May 3, the Congress leader said that the condition in the northeastern state is very bad and the Prime Minister himself before the commencement of Monsoon Session of Parliament admitted that the incidents that had happened in Manipur makes us to feel ashamed.

“But why cannot he come to the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha and speak there?” he asked.

Tewari highlighted how former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh from -- 2004 to 2014 -- and dubbed as a silent Prime Minister, spoke on 70 occasions in Parliament.

“On August 17, 2012 when the northeastern people were attacked in southern state then he took suo moto intervention and spoke in Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha. Then the Rajya Sabha passed a resolution that condemned the incidents against people of the northeastern states and also assured them safety,” he said.

He said that the government is saying that they are ready for discussion however it is not about discussion but about accountability and responsibility.

“We want that accountability should be fixed as to why such condition prevailed in last 78 days and who is responsible? There are many questions and the Prime Minister needs to give a detailed statement as he is the head of the NDA government,” he said.

“Therefore since Thursday (first day of Monsoon Session), we opposition which has been rechristened as INDIA in Bengaluru, has been demanding that Prime Minister must come forward by putting the national security first and the horrific incidents that have come to the fore,” he said.

When asked about the INDIA parties have decided to bring the no confidence motion in Lok Sabha against the government over Manipur violence, the Congress leader said:

“In a Parliamentary democracy all instruments which are available in the rules and procedures of the Lok Sabha remain open to the Opposition. As we have pointed for the last three to four days, the reason why we are insistent is that Prime Minister must address both Houses of Parliament on Manipur because of sensitivity and depravity that Manipur has witnessed in past 78 to 80 days. So therefore under those circumstances we are steadfast in our demands.”

To another question that the Prime Minister compared the INDIA with Popular Front of India (PFI), East India Company and Indian Mujahideen, he said, “It is unfortunate and if I say that this is the sign of government getting rattled and it is a sign of frustration.”

“We want to tell the Prime Minister that Opposition is not Indian Mujahideen but they are the marjivda, which means living martyrs. And I am surprised that he talks about East India Company, he should remember that we are the people who fought against British and got the independence. And who all were working with the British is not hidden. And if someone sitting on important post is speaking in such languages then it is the biggest sign of frustration.”

Meanwhile, Congress Rajya Sabha MP Syed Naseer Hussain also slammed the government saying that the BJP has been trying to silence the opposition.

“It has been 78 days since violence erupted in Manipur and we want to know from where the weapons are coming, who is supplying weapons to them? The Prime Minister goes on foreign visits, there he addresses their Parliaments but he does not want to address the MPs and Parliament in India.”

He said that last time a discussion under Rule 267 was allowed was in 2016 on demonetisation.

He also cited examples that how between 1992 to 1996 when Shankar Dayal Sharma was the Rajya Sharma Chairman discussions under Rule 267 was allowed four times, similarly under Bhairo Singh Shekhawat in 2004 he allowed discussion under 267 and Hamid Ansari between 2013 to 2016 allowed discussion for four times.

When asked about the incident of Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge, who is also the Leader of Opposition in Rajya Sabha not being allowed to speak in the House, Hussain said:

“When Kharge ji speaks then Leader of House starts interfering and the leaders from the treasury bench also kept on disturbing him. It is an attempt to silence the Opposition.”

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