Whole country will burn like Manipur if BJP is not defeated: Satyapal Malik

The socialist stalwart and one of the most influential Jat leaders from western Uttar Pradesh, Malik, believes the solution to BJP’s aatyachar should be political

Satyapal Malik (photo: Vipin/National Herald)
Satyapal Malik (photo: Vipin/National Herald)

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Predicting that “the whole country will burn like Manipur if the Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) is not defeated in the forthcoming elections” one of the most vocal critics of the Modi government, Satyapal Malik— the former governor of Jammu and Kashmir — opined that the saffron party “does not care for social harmony, justice but power”.

Speaking to the National Herald, Malik who has been on a “mission to mobilise anti-BJP forces” in Rajasthan where assembly elections are due in December, also attacked PM Modi for his silence on Manipur violence.

“Modi did not utter a single word on Manipur. The whole state has been burning for over 45 days…Seems the BJP governments (both at the centre and the state) do not care…The whole country will burn like Manipur if the BJP is not defeated in forthcoming elections including the Lok Sabha election in 2024,” Malik reiterated.

The socialist stalwart and one of the most influential Jat leaders from western Uttar Pradesh, Malik, believes the solution to BJP’s aatyachar (wrong doings) should be political.

“Since the crisis stems from the politics (of hate, communalism, divisiveness) the solution will also come from politics”.

Referring to the wrestlers’ protest against WFI chief and BJP MP Brij Bhushan Singh, Malik asked, “Why has Singh not been arrested so far? Because the BJP is so drunk on power, they think they are invincible. BJP understands the language of power.”

“So, all efforts should be directed at grabbing the power by bringing anti-BJP forces together into states that will go to polls,” he said.

Assembly elections, seen as a semi-final before the Lok Sabha battle, will be held in nine states including the Hindi-speaking states, considered the BJP’s stronghold.

However, given the rising resentment against the BJP government at the Centre, analysts believe assembly elections in the Hindi heartland may follow the Karnataka way. And Malik agrees.

Experts say:

• In Madhya Pradesh, the saffron party has been in power for the last 18 years and is battling a huge “battling anti-incumbency and fatigue factor”.

• Similarly, in Rajasthan too the BJP’s position is shaken. It will be difficult for the strife-ridden BJP to come back to power.

• In Chhattisgarh, the Congress government led by Bhupesh Baghel is predicted to win again in forthcoming elections.

• Harayana, according to watchers, too is ready for a change.

“Treatment meted out to the wrestlers (by the BJP government) has angered the masses in Haryana. The anger has blurred traditional divisions such as Jat vs non-Jat or upper caste vs lower caste…Every segment of the society is upset with the BJP government,” said one of Malik’s associates and a farmer leader from Haryana.

Asked how the outrage built around wrestlers’ protest will translate into a political force against the BJP, Malik replied, “We believe female wrestlers should meet people in Rajasthan and Haryana and tell their stories (of harassment and injustice) to the people.”

It is worth mentioning here that the wrestlers protesting against Brij Bhushan Singh have neither joined any political forum nor given their consent for canvassing against the BJP so far.

Pertinently, the Jats comprise about 9 per cent of the total population in Rajasthan and decide the outcome of its politics in 50-60 assembly seats.

“If the Jats can be brought into one-fold in these assembly seats, the fall of the BJP will begin from Rajasthan,” said Pushpendra Chaudhary, a farmer leader.

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