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Extinction Rebellion activists hold a funeral for COP26 at the Necropolis, Glasgow, UK, 13 November 2021


World Environment Day: Changing the paradigm of climate science

In India, temperatures reach as high as 46 degrees (photo: PTI)


Asia's extreme April heat worsened by climate change, says study

Rising temperatures escalate malaria transmission, while seasonal shifts impact breeding grounds for mosquitoes, say experts (photo: IANS)


World Malaria Day: How does climate change impact transmission of malaria?

The impacts are expected to be particularly severe in regions like South Asia and Africa, as per the study (representative image) (photo: IANS)


Climate change threatens global income by 2049

The World Economic Forum (WEF) report highlights the severe consequences of climate change, projecting an additional 14.5 million deaths and $12.5 trillion in economic losses by 2050. (photo: DW)


Climate change may claim 14.5 mn lives by 2050: WEF

The opening concert, transformed into an AI-driven immersive experience, featured world-class musicians and emphasised the urgency of environmental action (photo: DW)


WEF Annual Meeting 2024 begins amid growing concerns over conflicts, climate change, deepfakes

The group of 18 youth from California alleged that the EPA intentionally harms children's health and welfare (photo: IANS)


18 kids sue Environmental Protection Agency in US over climate change

WMO Deputy Secretary General 
 Elena Manaenkova (Photo: @wlkutsch/X)


Climate change impacts everything, attribution studies not 'really' required: WMO deputy chief

A new study unearths the unforeseen danger of frozen methane release, demanding attention for climate resilience (Representative image) (Photo: Torsten Blackwood - Pool/Getty Images)


Climate change: Melting frozen methane could worsen global warming, research finds

2023 is set to be the warmest year on record (Photo: National Herald archives)


Climate change made 2011-2020 decade wetter and warmer for India: WMO

Wildfires ravaged forests around the world in recent months, including in Greece (pictured). (photo: DW)


Climate change: What is the global stocktake?

The aedes aegypti mosquito (photo: Wikipedia)


Climate change pushes dengue into new frontiers across India

File photo of chalk graffiti in New Delhi as part of an awareness drive related to climate change by an NGO (photo: Getty Images)


Climate change can disrupt economic stability: RBI deputy governor

Representative image (photo: IANS)


Deaths from Ebola, SARS & Nipah to soar 12x due to climate change: study

Floods account for 43 per cent of natural disasters and are predicted to worsen and increase in frequency thanks to climate change (photo: @InsightGL/ X)


Climate change, pollution, construction: multiple whammy to fuel Sikkim-like disasters

Extreme heat in South America has been officially linked to the burning of fossil fuels (photo: DW)


Extreme weather: Is climate change always to blame?

Climate change is responsible for 39% of recent amphibian status deteriorations since 2004, with habitat loss affecting 37% of species, finds new study. (photo: Sean Gallup/Getty Images)


Climate change threatens amphibians worldwide; 136 Indian species at risk: Study

Wet-hot extremes will also cover a larger area and be more severe than dry-hot extremes (photo: National Herald archives)


Climate change will spur more wet-hot extremes, not dry-hot, says study

Representative image of a city (photo: DW)


Culture, polity, economy decide society's future in changing climate crises, researchers say

Representative image of climate activists on the streets of Midtown, Manhattan (Photo: DW)


Climate change: Thousands march in NYC ahead of UN summit